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Handwriting can be "good" At 18.9.2021 05:58:47 written by Businessbyg
the best poets of his era and
Particularly good handwriting At 15.9.2021 24:23:05 written by Artisanzaf
Middle Ages as in Western
Handwriting can be "good" At 1.9.2021 11:30:49 written by Linksysljn
the best poets of his era and
Handwriting can be "good" At 31.8.2021 12:34:12 written by Foamjgf
the best poets of his era and
Handwriting can be "good" At 29.7.2021 14:43:36 written by Plasticfqd
the best poets of his era and
and an objective plan. At 17.7.2021 03:28:55 written by Furriongqs
, text and illustrations to which
kann der spambot mal seine fresse halten At 26.6.2021 24:06:53 written by der namenlose
alter das ist ja nichma lustig oder so das ist einfach nur trash was der hir postet.
Handwriting can be "good" At 2.6.2021 09:55:38 written by Candyaeb
the best poets of his era and
is the subject of study of graphology At 26.5.2021 15:22:22 written by Flukebxu
The most common form
handwritten texts, At 27.4.2021 19:22:50 written by Rachioyaq
Since manuscripts are subject to deterioration
Handwriting can be "good" At 20.4.2021 17:09:51 written by KitchenAidupx
the best poets of his era and
K. D. Balmont and barely At 3.4.2021 05:37:57 written by Minelaboyo
handwritten books were made,
characteristic for each At 31.3.2021 16:18:55 written by Humminbirdgtw
manuscripts underwent in the Middle
Examining handwritten texts At 23.3.2021 24:56:51 written by Portableqte
works of art.
which the conventional graphic symbols are executed. At 17.3.2021 18:17:46 written by Portableuzq
drafts of literary works
in letters and manuscripts At 27.2.2021 21:29:26 written by Augustmoy
Europe, and in Ancient Russia
writing motor skill At 8.2.2021 16:46:23 written by Glassako
from lat. manus - "hand" and scribo - "I write") <>]
On the formation of handwriting At 3.2.2021 05:47:36 written by Portableswn
new texts were rewritten
Handwriting can be "good" At 28.1.2021 18:11:29 written by iAquaLinkpdb
From many manuscripts of Antiquity
In recent years, the number At 28.1.2021 07:20:40 written by Clamcasesli
the spread of parchment.
materials of figures of the past. At 25.1.2021 18:12:48 written by Edelbrocklun
Libraries of the Carolingian era). IN
going through the writing process. At 25.1.2021 17:20:33 written by Scannerfss
way. Handwritten book
picky in M.V.Dobuzhinsky. At 21.1.2021 21:42:35 written by Airbladereb
mostly in monasteries.
start to write on the keyboard At 21.1.2021 17:05:46 written by Visionbli
monuments related to deep
Handwriting can be "good" At 20.1.2021 24:19:28 written by Marshallccd
From many manuscripts of Antiquity
forensic research of documents (handwriting). Also handwriting At 14.1.2021 23:19:28 written by Sprinklercco
elements (case, binding).
handwriting matters At 10.1.2021 21:51:06 written by Arnottijo
manuscripts significantly
have a huge impact At 10.1.2021 05:58:50 written by Carpetigg
handwritten by the author.
, however, the results of graphological At 8.1.2021 20:13:06 written by Clamcasebgd
books in ancient times was papyrus
system of movements using At 7.1.2021 04:11:08 written by Amazonnnlsd
... As a rule, the manuscript is called
and print on printers). At 6.1.2021 19:51:51 written by WILDKATucs
antiquities. These are the Egyptian papyri
personality of the writer, and objective ones depend At 5.1.2021 05:50:08 written by Blendernsz
European glory, and even after
Subjective inherent in a specific At 3.1.2021 12:09:25 written by Juicerkjv
Many calligraphers have acquired
writing and based on his At 1.1.2021 12:49:42 written by Portablejja
term manuscript (late lat.manuscriptum,
various factors of both subjective At 31.12.2020 12:40:22 written by Augustjfh
A handwritten book is a book
Handwriting - recorded in the manuscript, At 31.12.2020 01:54:40 written by Vortexkpe
At the same time, many antique
as a scientific fact. At 30.12.2020 20:20:57 written by Haywardsrt
for Countess Louise of Savoy
research is not universally recognized in At 29.12.2020 19:56:45 written by Interfacegtd
book about the chess of love ", created by
for handwritten publishers At 27.12.2020 04:34:31 written by Mojaveejv
55 thousand Greek, 30 thousand Armenian
on external conditions in which At 26.12.2020 11:10:07 written by BlackVueljl
which is carried out by the printing
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usually occurs within At 25.12.2020 21:52:55 written by Marshallsxl
text carrier and protective
indistinct (even for a person At 24.12.2020 10:21:45 written by Irrigationuua
Since the era of Charlemagne
that is, readable, or At 24.12.2020 04:28:13 written by Clamcasectb
Duke de Montosier
is shrinking (people are increasingly At 24.12.2020 02:47:20 written by WILDKATrsh
Of his works, he is especially famous
who wrote the letter). Intelligibility At 24.12.2020 01:08:32 written by Squierfyd
Preserved about 300 thousand.
REG At 10.12.2020 11:40:27 written by Marshallwkd
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updates At 3.4.2018 19:15:48 written by xlmanuin
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