YDM Development Written at 5.7.2013 15:42:25 by Toni Barth
Hi Guys,
just a few information about our current work. We just continued developing YDM until today which resulted into more then twice the work we used to produce v1.0. That's why we decided to develope YDM independendly from CommandBox, also because we're creating a debian package for YDM at the moment, so you can use YDM on linux too. Of course we'll inform you about news matching our linux development. Stay calm :).
CommandBox Released! Written at 18.5.2013 13:12:48 by Toni Barth
Now it's done. Since two days we worked hard on our website in order to provide some new features and to increase performance and make some things more easy for us. But now we're ready and the new CommandBox download is ready and can be received on our Download-Page. We can tell you that some bugs have been fixed since CommandBox has been released. If you notice any errors which you want to report to us or maybe some feature requests or something like this, don't forget to contact our software support.
New Release: CommandBox coming soon Written at 10.5.2013 22:01:36 by Toni Barth
Hi Guys,
I just want to announce a nearby release for one of our new products called CommandBox. But what is it?
What will this release contain and how did we develope it?
This production was generated by me, since I just wanted to create some helpful programs for me and my friends. Since I don't need GUIs for simple applications I thought it would be enough to create command-line programs to solve my problems. That's why this collection will just contain Command-line-Applications, as the name says. CommandBox will contain the following Applications:
MCD - Multi Container Decryptor: This program will generally decrypt all sorts of linkcontainer files (like .ccf, .dlc and .rsdf files). It was developed to use it as a mass decryptor, since a friend of mine had over 20-30 container files and it was just bothering to decrypt them per once. This program will do that for you and export the results into text files.
SCE - Skype Chat Extractor: This program will simply export all your Skype chats you had with your contacts into text files.
YDM - YouTube Download Manager: YouTube Download Manager is just yet another powerful Download Manager for YouTube, but this time in Command-Line style. Not even that, it will cover a feature called 'Session-Management' which is really new on the market of YouTube Download Managers, but more of this when it's time to release CommandBox.
I hope this little look into the backgrounds could feed some of your news enthusiasts up with new information from us. I think some of you will have lots of fun with our new product. Stay calm.
Design for MCBackup Written at 19.3.2013 20:47:41 by Toni Barth
Since all people say that spring should start in Germany tomorrow, we want to present you some news of us, even if it doesn't look like spring in Germany.
After we tried to translate our MCBackup tool into another programming language and failed totally, we decided to create a whole interface for our new tool. We normally just wanted to translate it, because the console has some fails and the reaction time of the program sometimes is just bad. But because of the new interface, we hope that these problems can be fixed. Anyway, Sascha will start the design in the next days. After finishing it he will forward it to me, so I can start programming directly. After finishing the interface integration, which we don't know if this will work, we plan to publish a new version to you as fast as we can, but of course we'll have to get our betatesters to work as best as we and they can. Yep, that's all already. We wish you some nice weeks until our next status report.
2013 - Let's get started! Written at 1.1.2013 14:33:33 by Toni Barth
Hi Folks, we hope that you'll have a nice year 2013. But to get you up-to-date we also have some news for you. In 2013 we're going to change the interface of the satoprogs.de Website. Our designer just developed a new design and we're going to put life into it soon. Connected with this we also developed a beta-entrance so that we don't have to manage all the betatesters manually. And of course there will be more information for you, but we don't want to throw them out yet. You will be imformed while 2013.
Podcast Feed Editor 1.1 Released Written at 4.11.2012 20:29:06 by Toni Barth
Hi folks, it took us a long time to write the help files, because it\'s such boring... but it\'s done. You can download it directly from the download section. Head on and grab the newest copy of PFE and you\'ll see, it won\'t be thrown away time. We hope that you\'ll give us some feedback.
Downloads fix Written at 20.10.2012 13:46:22 by Toni Barth
Yesterday we fixed a bug which crashed our server when you tried to download a large file. At the same time we set up a download server on which you can find all files we uploaded until now. You can find it at http://dl.satoprogs.de/. Have fun.
Server online Written at 13.10.2012 20:52:42 by Toni Barth
Hi Guys, sorry for that long down period. But now we're back and present you our new Podcast Feed Editor, which is fully English compatible and will be released, after we wrote the documentation for you. But, let's say something about it: It supports Video-Podcast and Audio-Podcast Decisions, Author information and also date settings. I think, the waiting period wasn't just useless for you...

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